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Thread: Running guy

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    Running guy

    This is how i animate running. If u see there should be improvement plz dont be shy and reply with advice ty.

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    Re: Running guy

    his spine stiff and it never looked like his arms switced sides and the legswere weird to

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    Re: Running guy

    Like ArsonistPenguin said, the spine was stiff, try making it bend a bit more next time you animate running. Also, keep in mind that the arms should bend more and move up just a bit more if you do another animation. The leg going backwards seems pretty smooth and nice, but the front leg looks like it's moving just a bit too fast in the last couple of frames, but still it looks pretty solid.

    Try experimenting with foot movement a bit more, and try testing out head and arm movements too.

    Good job dude, hope to see more animations coming out of you
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    Re: Running guy

    Its againts the rules to have two animation threads. Locked, and keep your animations to a single thread:



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