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    Nov 2008

    I Might be quitting pivot

    I've tryed pretty hard to make these animations and the more i make the worse it gets so im going to ask you guys to tell me to keep animating or not. please vote yes or no and maybe leave a comment.

    [center:1a0w9n0x]NEWEST RUN LOOP AND PUNCH TEST[/center:1a0w9n0x]

    There are all of the animations i've made.
    (Top oldest. Bottem Newest)

    "Tower Push" http://hippiepivotup.animatorhost.com/u ... 707137.gif

    "The Box" http://hippiepivotup.animatorhost.com/u ... 338765.gif

    "Kick & Flip Test" http://hippiepivotup.animatorhost.com/u ... 346015.gif

    "Sniped" http://hippiepivotup.animatorhost.com/u ... 302373.gif

    "Cliff Kick" http://hippiepivotup.animatorhost.com/u ... 355682.gif

    "Punch Test" http://hippiepivotup.animatorhost.com/u ... 828994.gif

    "Run Loop" http://hippiepivotup.animatorhost.com/u ... 798115.gif

    Please reply.

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    Oct 2008

    Re: Fixed animation

    Try and keep all your animations in one thread using the 'edit' button.

    sorry to mini-mod. bugs me.


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