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    Oct 2008
    somewhere behind yo- um i mean in australia

    some new shizzle... if u r Xaine 45 or Flood u better watch.

    [center:3fcmj00z]Medza,s thread[/center:3fcmj00z]
    [center:3fcmj00z]Ipwanall tribute is halted cuase it bagan to look gay[/center:3fcmj00z]
    [center:3fcmj00z]YAY!!! 2 new animations[/center:3fcmj00z]
    [center:3fcmj00z]pie is nice 0_o[/center:3fcmj00z]


    a new type of flip: http://upd.animatorhost.com/Medza/new_flip7pbt.gif
    i wanted to try something new.

    punch.. KICK: http://upd.animatorhost.com/Medza/comboxnbe.gif

    Fullbody Ninja vs. wu: http://upd.animatorhost.com/Medza/fullb ... wu9nnk.gif

    Gotta go to school! cya

    Watch out for that wal- BOOM, lol never mind

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    Jun 2008
    Non-VIP land :(

    Re: some new shizzle... if u r Xaine 45 or Flood u better watch.

    You definitely need to work on your choppiness, remember to move every segment in every frame, and also, don't work with full body characters yet, it looks funny when you have an intricate character doing choppy and uneased movements, you should master a single colored stick before you try anything more. courtesy?
    [center:1e5wajk9]RIP Me.
    June 7th, 2008 to August 14th 2009

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    Nov 2008

    Re: some new shizzle... if u r Xaine 45 or Flood u better watch.

    I like your ideas, but you need to work on getting rid of that choppiness. Also, some more realistic physics would be good. Like Pancake said, just remember to move each segment in each frame, use small(ish) movements, and ease. Improvement will arrive shortly after.

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