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    Nov 2008

    dalkazarpl section

    hello im now if badly I wrote the topic please to correct I am giving fresh animation

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    Sep 2007

    Re: dalkazarpl section

    Hiya dalk. U'r animations are stiffy, and choppy... And non eased.
    Go to tutorial sections, and read some tuts. I vote in ur poll, when u're some better, at this time u're low beg i think.
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    Nov 2008

    Re: dalkazarpl section

    new animation look!

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    Re: dalkazarpl section

    You DEFINITELY need to work on stiffness, in the fighting animations, the guys gos stiff as a board after being punched one or two times. Physics are another thin you really need some help on, like on your newest animation, the guy falls diagnolly after being hit UP, so just make him fall DOWN. Overall I'd say low-med beginner
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