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    My First Animation

    This is my first, its just a guy walking.

    Tell me what you think.



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    Re: My First Animation

    dont mean to turn you down but its very stiff.
    you should check out the tutorials.very helpfull

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    Re: My First Animation

    Srry but, you'll need to work a long time(say 1 hour)on you're next approach, if you want to increase in rank, here's a secret code, make him move less per a frame, and don't make it to sharp(meaning don't let something non-releastic happen).
    Courtesy You're animation is awsome, mind telling me how good or bad mine is?

    Please give me an idea of how good or bad of an animator I am http://darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=51896

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    Re: My First Animation

    I would look at some tutorials, your foot placement is very off and you should work on stiffness and easing. There is a easing tutorial in my signature that you should check out and study, it should help you with your future animations. Also you should try to find a better stk to animate with, try creating your own.

    I hope this helped you out.


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