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    rate my first animations

    this is my first animation ever,its a gun shot.
    i know it doesnt have that many effects or anything but its my first so yea =|.
    wut do you think?


    this is my second one.
    i practiced alittle more on my easing.again not many effects =|.

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    Re: My First Animation

    Holy shit dude, for a first that's amazing.

    But try working a little bit more with pivot, it looks like you have some sort of easing down, and that's great, but try to space it out a little more, make it more smooth. Also, try to work with reactions, both of us know that a gunshot takes a lot of force, and that it makes a big reaction when it takes place, so try to work with them a bit more.

    Also, try to move every joint in ever frame, most people don't just stand still without moving, so try to move the joints with the real motions that people are fixated on. Not moving joints is called stiffness, so try to work on that.

    But other than that, amazing job for a first anim, the gunshot was well done for a beginner, and so was pretty much everything else. I'll give you a place between low and medium beginner, you're getting there man, great work
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    Re: My First Animation

    Little longer and more effort then begginer hall 2 for sure,
    Courtesy You're animation is awsome, mind telling me how good or bad mine is?

    Please give me an idea of how good or bad of an animator I am http://darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=51896


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