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Thread: Am i any good?

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    Am i any good?

    I havent been animating for a while.
    My only animations were posted on pivot-place.org(R.I.P.)
    So im starting agian and i need to see where i am
    these are my most recent animations
    evil Dr. Pepper (23 = evil) it dosent

    coke hates me

    transformer (old stk)

    beam test

    skate and die

    hover 2 flips

    thanks im also making a new animation and heres a preview

    plz comment i need feedback

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    Re: Am i any good?

    id say low-med begginer, i really like the transformer one though

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    Re: Am i any good?

    low beginner, im sorry if it sounds harsh, but you need to work on bascaly everything, easing, proper movements, physics, stiffness, and effects.
    Make sure you put time into your animations, dont just throw random things together. Work on the basics, walking, running, punching, kicking etc. also, i recommend this tutorial:


    It explains basicaly everything you need to know, and will help a lot.

    still alive

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    Re: Am i any good?

    Try working on stiffness, and easing.

    Remember to move every joint, on every frame, that way it isn't like a statue when your character falls.

    I can't reall describe this without pictures, just take a peek at the tutorial in my signature.

    just keep at it man, your ideas are really original, you just need to prefect them.

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    Re: Am i any good?

    Quote Originally Posted by mag1722
    id say low-med begginer, i really like the transformer one though
    I really agree, need's more work,
    Courtesy You're animation is awsome, mind telling me how good or bad mine is?

    Please give me an idea of how good or bad of an animator I am http://darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=51896


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