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    Brainyzzz animations!

    w00t figured out how to get animations on >.>

    Throw Beam(i got this idea from a tutorial i saw a while back)

    System Failure...

    Sniper (i know, you're probably screaming noob at me already lol)

    This one is a test of Cloud from Final Fantasy stk that i made myself (worlds worst animation, but i wanted to show the world my awesome stick )

    I admit that they're not the best animations lol

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    Re: Brainyzzz animations!

    Low/med Beg, Sory, but your animations are:
    -a bit choppy & Stiff (especially - Throw beam)
    -mayby they have easing, but not a lot...
    Well.. read tutorials, practise more, and do your best ^^


    -click, watch, and comment ^^


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