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Thread: Ma animations

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    Ma animations

    Ok so most of this stuff is OLD because I quit Pivot But Im now kindof back into it so heres some of my animations..
    (I also flash and easytoon)


    Skate board (heel flip):
    Info: Just something little

    Suger rush:
    Info: This Is a small animation with a rushed style of a little guy getting a suger rush:

    Owend by VIP (Personall favorite)
    Info: This was made when I bort VIP with my old Account:

    Birds Eye view:
    Info: I think this was for a collab..(another personall favorite)

    Harry potters dumb..
    info: this is acctully old but Its not that bad..

    My Joint with Soup:
    info: my joint.. with soup..

    Card trick gone wrong..
    Info: Kinda gey...

    Thats rly all thats that good Ill try get some more on later..



    Hey bro check this out bro.

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    Re: Ma animations

    Well several of them are pretty stiff, infact all, but you're doing a good job, here's my rating

    red= not there yet

    l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

    Try to make it more eased, what you're problem is you'res is sorta stiff, and like me you put to many frame's into each of them which makes it seem slow.
    Courtesy You're animation is awsome, mind telling me how good or bad mine is?

    Please give me an idea of how good or bad of an animator I am http://darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=51896

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    Re: Ma animations

    Seeing as you were banned again, there is no need for this thread.



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