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    t3hownzer's animations

    what am i check out this animation

    http://www.trportfolio.net/upload/view_ ... ?id=402606

    O.o im back D: lost my password lawl XD have been practicing tho rank me

    http://www.2shared.com/file/4539586/92b ... anime.html

    kay here is another animation :twisted: http://**********.com/img/1231551529.gif

    here is the new running animation i made O.o: http://**********.com/img/1231633203.gif

    Here is another animation i made what do you think :lol: http://**********.com/img/1231640452.gif

    Quick walking test

    Quick running test

    Okay walking and running
    [img]http://**********.com/img/1232074706.gif[/img] :lol:

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    Re: t3hownzer's animations

    Quote Originally Posted by chaosprince
    your walking suxx

    Your comments fucking suck. ( I deleted his comment, i'm not talking to myself )

    Anyhow, not too shabby for a first. It's where we all started. I suggest looking in the pivot tutorials section. Study what's on offer, and practice, practice, practice! You'll notice a huge improvement straight away. Keep it simple to grasp the basics and then work your way up and challenge yourself by always applying the basics like easing.

    Look at piv files that good animators here have posted, and again study.

    Keep it up, ignore twattish comments like the one i deleted. Take in the critisism of other users and work on it, usually they'll have some advice to help you out.


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