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Thread: My anim

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    My anim

    my anims

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    Re: My anim

    Hey, your animation is pretty ordinary - I mean like, you have no easing in there at all. And it's very stiff.
    I suggest:
    Try doing easing tests - They don't take very long and the moar you do them the better you will get.
    Go to the tut section of DD - Maybe Baha's tut would be the best?
    Move every joint in every frame when animating - it will help make it look less stiff.

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    Re: My anim

    uneased and stiff. did you move one joint every frame? if you do that, please. pleasee... stop it. it will make your animation is stiff. and easing. easing is like this :
    that will make your animation look realistic. not like this :
    if you want to make a robotic style animation, use the number 2 easing style and make it stiff. only robot, not a human or stickman.
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