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    Aug 2008

    what rank is this vid?

    What Rank is this video on youtube please reply
    This video Took Me About 2 hours:


    this one about 40 mins
    http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=05b2bq9cN ... annel_page

    This one i made WAYYYYY AGES AGO! so dont Bag ME!
    http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=cqviAIXG- ... annel_page

    kk rank me plz
    Go To www.youtube.com/user/hairiko1
    to view my videos

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    Re: what rank is this vid?

    the 1st is med begg. nice and smooth. eased well. but you could do with a lot of stiffness. funneh video man its good.

    2nd was... kinda weird. not much to say since all you were just trying to make a laugh.

    3rd... hard to decribe, funneh at the body slam but it wasn't very good im sorry.

    btw make ur own THREAD it'll keep you organized and pple won't flame you cuz it like a rule here that you need a thread.

    SO uh, based on that, You are low-med begginer. lets see some progress


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