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    My First Ani on DD

    =) its my first one on DARKDEMON.

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    Re: My First Ani on DD

    hmm, work on easing. its pretty descent thow.

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    Re: My First Ani on DD

    That animation was very stiff and uneased. Try moving every joint every frame to reduce stiffness. When the first guy landed, he couldn't be perfectly still. For easing, there wasn't much of it. Easing is like:
    What you are doing:
    Good Easing:
    Each | represents a new frame and each - is a movement. Here are some examples:
    Bad Easing

    Good Easing

    Try looking up some tutorials and work on your basic movements.

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    Re: My First Ani on DD

    That's not bad for starters =)

    When the stickman came down, the legs should not really point in an upside down V shape, for that could somehow look unnatural.. The legs should look something like this: <<

    Also, on the kick, don't let the stretched leg down too fast. Slowly ease the front leg downwards. (Easing - Just like Armageadon said) Try to bend the back of the stickman forward and the arms in a fighting position.

    Pivot really imitates real life well - Some animations look bad because it can't happen in nature. Just try to think how an expert in fighting would do it, and "copy" it in every single detail. You can also try to visualize in your mind how you want the animation to look like, then apply it in Pivot.

    Move every joint to how it should move in real life. (If what's inside the animation is done, that is)

    Whatever you do, use easing. Because it happens in nature. When you start up a car, it will move slowly at first, then faster, then even faster till the point that it reaches a constant speed.

    If you animate in 20fps, then if you want to animate a car starting up and moving, then when it goes slowly, it moves very little in 0.05s. Then when it goes faster, it moves more in another 0.05s. Then, when it goes even faster, it moves even more in another 0.05s. That's easing.

    Tremors - that's what makes things look like they have impact. You could use tremors after a heavy ball bounces or after a kick or a punch.

    It's basically everything on the screen moving down, then up, then down, then up, then down, then up, then stopping.

    Everything moves down a lot, then moves up less, then moves down less, then moves up less, then moves down less, the moves up less, then it stops.

    Well, of course, whether it moves up or down first depends on the direction of the impact.

    Tuts are especially useful and easy to find with the powerful internet.

    That's not bad, keep it up!~~

    Courtesy? =) (Click the .gif below =) )

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    Re: My First Ani on DD

    Well it's not too bad for a new comer. But it had a serious amount of stiffness and uneasing in it. The physics were also bad. When he landed he should bend his legs, ease on that as well.

    And move every joint in every frame, even if it is a tiny bit, it will make a huge difference in your anim.
    But over all, pretty good for a starter.

    I suggest watching baha's tutorial, that will help heaps.


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