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Thread: hai guys! :D

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    hai guys! :D

    Is This A Good Punch For A Beginner??

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    Re: hai guys! :D

    It's okay, but it's really stiff.

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    Re: hai guys! :D

    It is good for a beginner, and yes, it is stiff, just move every joint in every frame, I liked your tremor effects, keep it up
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    Re: hai guys! :D

    Yeah, that was pretty good for a beginner, especially if you've just learned the basics. But there is always room for improvement, so work on these:

    Try easing, it's basically starting out slow with a movement, speeding up and getting larger movements, and eventually slowing down to a halt. Follow the link that I give you, try to understand it, and practice with it if you do - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=5173\

    The guys above me said that the animation was stiff, but that doesn't mean moving every joint every frame. Stiffness is when the stick has an arm that doesn't bend, and it seems to me like you did that pretty well in the animation, just try and practice with reactions and physics.

    I liked the power your tremor had when the punch was executed, good job. Other than those two problems, the animation seemed pretty solid. Just keep practicing, and posting anims to be critiqued, and you'll make it to a higher rank in no time. Hope to see more animations from you soon
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