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Thread: what rank am i?

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    what rank am i?

    this is just my first no onion-skin animation. i know its not much but just wach.
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    Re: what rank am i?

    Med beginner.
    Work on easing, the spacing between each movement gradually increases between each frame, then decreases over time when you want the joint to stop moving.
    - : Pixel
    | : Joint
    You're animations are also stiff. I've noticed that the legs don't move much at all. Perhaps you could bend them a little when the guy is picking the figure up. Just move joints at least one pixel a frame.

    Other than that, you're doing fine. A bit choppy, but in no time, you could be on your way to Inters.
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    Re: what rank am i?

    youve got verry original ideas and the physics were good but work a little on the easing i think med-high beg
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    Re: what rank am i?

    Keep all your animations in one thread, please.



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