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    My first Smooth Punch

    Well this is my second post! lol!
    I made a very smooth punch, but i know; it's kinda very stiffy,
    i'll try uploading a Small (very) stiff jump i made too
    Thank you all and sorry for my bad english


    Update :

    I just made this new kick, wich is very smooth in my opinion.

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    Re: My first Smooth Punch

    this is not smooth man this is stiff and uneased!

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    Re: My first Smooth Punch

    instead of using some other people's sticks, make your own or check out some "shops" in the request section. For the punch, it really wasn't that smoothed or eased, i would have to say low maybe med beginner.
    Courtesy please viewtopic.php?f=2&t=54613
    ^^click for base shop


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