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Thread: Smoothing Help

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    Smoothing Help

    I need some help with smoothing... How do i do it? I can never figure it out
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    Re: Smoothing Help

    in each frame you just make him not do any heavy spacing so close together

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    Re: Smoothing Help

    why not post a smooth test so we can help instead of making a thread that could be easily awnsered.Do you even have a thread for your animaitons though

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    Re: Smoothing Help

    To make your animations smoother all you do is space out each movement little by little. The slower you move your stick figures the smooth the animation will look. You will also need to know how to ease movements, this will help. If you're doing this and your animations still arn't smooth maybe try increasing the frame rate? The best framespeed is 20-24.

    Anyway thats all the help I can give, and you are not allowed to make these types of threads, so if you need animation help either go to the tutourials section or request a mentor to teach you.



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