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Thread: Freefall

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    I just made this 63 framed animation for drodiz AOTW 7 well here it is
    IBaha's TutorialIAnimationsI

    Courtesy?=Teh Awesomeness

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    Re: Freefall

    ok to be honest this wasn't that good.
    1. IT IS STIFF!! for it not to be stiff try to move every joint in every frame, even if you just move it a pixel, it makes your animations look good.
    2. Easing, to ease move like this... |-|--|---|----|----|---|--|-| |=frame

    And it is random, one second he is falling in pure white sky, then suddenly 5 feet from the ground these clouds and a background?? low begginer. JUST KEEP PRACTICING!!!!!
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    Re: Freefall

    Yeah I agree with Koin its heaps stiff and the easings even worse, my advice to you is to go to Baha's Tut:http://www.darkdemon.org/viewtopic.p...923a2493b2d05d.
    This should help you out with a lot of things.

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    Re: Freefall

    well, i guess you're new to pivot, first of all, start using easing, that will make your animations smoother, koin told you how to do that already.
    i liked you used effects like tremor in this anim, but you also have used some zoom, and blood too.
    Cut the stiffnes: move all the joints in a eased way each frame, cut chopyness too, don't move a lot in each frame, like i said, use easing to fix it. See bahas tut on my sig theres a link.

    Keep it up, oh yeah, and continue using fills like you used in this one, fills are rly nice.

    Low begginer

    for a comment long like this, i think i deserve a comment in my thread :3

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