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Thread: New Thread.....

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    New Thread.....

    Okay, i have absolutely NO idea where my other thread is in the endless pages of the beginners hall, so heres my new one.
    BTW, i return courtesy.

    I havent animated in FOREVER, so they'll probably suck balls.

    First, a Boxor animation i whipped in like 5 minutes.
    Is it good?
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    The Thread.

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    Re: New Thread.....

    Yes you're pretty good. But the only flaws are stiffness.

    First, you need to make the legs a little bit looser when he falls so it will look realistic. Then when he hits the ground let the legs fall a little fast and bending at the same. Try to ease when he jumps like while he is on the air let him get slower as he gets higher, and faster as he goes down.

    You're like Med-Beginner. Great job and hope to see more animations.
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