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    Dont Rate Unless You Comment D.R.U.Y.C

    Heres a good one i did, i think its borderline between med beg and high beg....


    good, no good? i need to know! please give me advice too

    FYI ive allready read baha's tut hundreds of times
    My thread. Courtousy

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    Re: Dont Rate Unless You Comment D.R.U.Y.C

    Sorry, it isnt anywhere near high-beginner. You really need to work on your movements. First of all get rid of all that stiffness, move everything every frame. Second, get the easing right, it maybe takes a lot of time but your animation will look alot better. And last but not least, work on physics, especially gravity. It is so unrealistic looking now, so watch a video on youtube and look how fast he falls and what his reaction is.

    It was a nice idea, and you tried camera angles.

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    Re: Dont Rate Unless You Comment D.R.U.Y.C

    It was okay. You seem to have the hang of basic movements, although the flip wasn't too hot. Another thing I didn't like, was that the back stayed straight throughout the majority of the animation. The run was okay, but stiff, along with almost every other movement. Your movements are too developed for low beginner, however your basics are good enoughf or med beginner. I'm going to say you're around the middle.
    Low-med beginner.

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    Re: Dont Rate Unless You Comment D.R.U.Y.C

    Please keep all your animations in a single thread.
    In future, press the edit button at the bottom of your first post to add new animations.
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