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    Mar 2009

    my animations!! :):)

    idk some fighting with animator vs animation and it looks so obvious...

    a wu infiltrating these peoples headquarters for no reason.lol. oh and something happened to it so it got wrecked and i couldn't fix it (stupid bugs) -.-

    a flying test that i made. i hope its good.

    i was bored so i made this randomly.

    PLZ RANK ME? and plz comment and vote in the poll.


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    Junior Member Descent's Avatar
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    Mar 2009

    Re: my animations!! :):)

    Stiff, shaky, choppy, blah, blah, blah... work on the basics.

    med-low beginner for some animations, low beginner for others.

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    Sydney, Australia

    Re: my animations!! :):)

    very stiff and choppy in all animations. easing was non-apparent as well.

    on the other hand ur making some long animations, which is more than i can say for myself, good job on that : ]

    with ur poll... i voted low beginner... maybe not try rate urself with the comments next to the poll options, its just kind of annoying because polls are supposed to give u an opinion from others.. not the other way around.

    keep up the good work and keep making those long animations : ]

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    May 2009

    Re: my animations!! :):)

    The fighting animations are very stiff, no easing, and on the flying bit, i saw some stiffness. . . but hey, practice makes perfect.
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