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    Animation So far!

    This is my animation that i'm making. Its not done yet. Please tell me if its bad start or a good start. And the story line is the purple dude's Killed his family Including the new born baby! The necklace at the start was his wifes.

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    Re: Animation So far!

    stiffnes, choppy, uneased, unsmooth, footplacement, gravity, realism...

    Stiff: Move all joints as possible always easing and smoothing.
    Choppy: Don't move a joint to much, remember easing.
    Easing: Movements should be like this : |-|--|---|----|---|--|-| See? Acceleration and deacceleration.
    Rest you'll lear by yourself.
    Read bahas tut, theres a link in my sig.
    AS for the story, it's kinda like a copy from max payne XD

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