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    Jun 2009

    my first pivot 2.2.5 animation

    well here it is

    low beg sucks

    and heres some shooting tests from a while back on piv 3

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    Jun 2009
    Fenton, Mo

    Re: my first pivot 2.2.5 animation

    It was a little stiff, and was sort of jerky but it wasn't so bad. Also try adding a ground or something. The walking on the zombie was a little bouncy(He moved up after he started walking onto the screen.) I've notice adding a ground is a nice reference point so you know where to keep your guys. Plus its needed for when your doing jumping.

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    Apr 2009

    Re: my first pivot 2.2.5 animation

    the easing looked like coolz, but it finished terrible, also it was tremendously stiff, also it was extremely short.
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    Jun 2009

    Re: my first pivot 2.2.5 animation

    The shooting tests look pretty cool and the reaction are good but could be i lil' bigger.

    As for the anim. It was pretty stiff but the idea was right and you did add ease which is good. Try working on the basics of walking, running etc. Because it looks like you can fire a gun well. But now you need to move well. Tutorials are your friend. Also strart trying longer pieces.

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    Re: my first pivot 2.2.5 animation

    Your newest animation was okay, the blood effect was well made. It seems you need to get the basics down though; your movements could be a little better, it flows fine but the reactions wern't great as that green dude just fell straight to the floor without bouncing. Also stiffness was an issue in your movements, the black base could have been swaying a little before the shot, and the green bases arms should be moving slightly as he is walking. You will get there though. I strongly recommend you practice movemets a little more, focus on getting rid of that stiffness and try to make each reaction look realistic.


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