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    Jun 2009

    New Animation of mine

    I still got some stuff to improve on but hey, the more you practice the better you get. But tell me what you think I can improve and maybe how, thanks.
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    Jan 2007
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    Re: New Animation of mine

    it was a good animation was good but, the jump was awful, it was too slow, like a moon jump, so i'd say work on movements like jumping and things like that, (i would have to see other animations of yours to fully judge) but the wall breaking was good, reminded me of the new redfaction game.

    Id rate you med beg, for just now, u might be high begginner but i need to see more ani's

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    Jun 2009

    Re: New Animation of mine

    Yo your animations are good like the effort especially that you took the time to make the wall break.Although,somethings need improvement.It was uneased and choppy but that gets better over time,and when the ball hit the wall even though it is really good the ball would have made a larger hole.

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    May 2009
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    Re: New Animation of mine

    the vpeople above me are right make sure that you speed up the movements and all that
    also keep all your animations in one frame just hit edit on the bottom then add your new animations

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    Jul 2007
    end of time

    Re: New Animation of mine

    keep all your animations in ONE thread, please

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