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    My pivot Continued.

    Continued from what i have done so far.


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    Re: My pivot Continued.

    *Moved to begginers hall.

    It's good to see you're trying to make longer animations, but for now try to do some short tests for easing and stiffness. Remember that when you move a part of your body you tend to start of slow and gradually gain speed, then once the movement is finished you slow down and come to a stop. Also try to move as many joints as possible in each frame so that it flows (You don't have to move every joint in each frame, but at least more than one). They physics are off too, when a person jumps into the air the boost of the ground quite fast and then slow down at the top of the jump and then gain speed coming back down. Keep up the good work.

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    Re: My pivot Continued.

    well it was pretty good for your first.it was stiff,uneased,.etc.read some tutorials and practice and you'll get better.
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    Re: My pivot Continued.

    well its good to begin but first you godda lern the basics
    watch some tuts tthat mayt help
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    Re: My pivot Continued.

    ok it was pretty good for a new animator.
    work on easing and stiffness.
    check out the tutorial threads and make some tests.
    dont stop practicing it will help.

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