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    My new animation

    My first animation


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    Re: My new animation

    Hey thats really good for a first! the tutorials here at darkdemon.org will help you out fast, especially bahas tutorial, or if u want then just check the tutorial section for something that sounds helpful XD. so yeah you will need to work on the stiffness, fottplacement, easing, physics and alot more stuff you will find in tuts.

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    Re: My new animation

    good better then my first but try working on easing and the basics first like walking or running also try looking at the tuts here the best one here i think is baha's tut it explains everything you will need to began

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    Re: My new animation

    Awesome for you're first dude but you know you are going to get flamed to hell over you're name? Everyone here hates PivotfuckerDX. Well most of us anyway.

    The animation was kinda choppy and uneased but still brilliant for you're first. Just check out some tutorials and you'll get better! Low begginer.

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    Re: My new animation

    Chiggety Check it before you WRIGGETY WRECK IT

    I think this was an AMAZING pivot, and yes, to agree with Karlo, you will get flammed to HELL with your name, I believe you can have ONE name change, but anywho, back to the pivot.

    I know you will here this from everyone!
    Quote Originally Posted by Opti
    Go check out some tutorials in the tutorial section of Darkdemon, check Baha's tuts and Phoenix's tuts, they helped me a lot!
    I say if you want to, do it. But every time you have to make a stick man walk, you're gonna look at that page, which is a hastle. So what I did, was just practiced, do what others tell you and make Practice PIV's and show em' off. Either way, your first animation lacked easing and had way too much stiffness in it. But, for your first animation, I cannot scold you too much on how to do all this blah blah blah. You will learn young Padiwan.
    For now, au revoirs. Courtesy please?


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