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Thread: this is my shit

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    this is my shit

    this is my first animation ever omg D:

    im sorry, im unused to pivot and non-webdesigns foruns orz, please be gentle.

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    Re: this is my shit

    Está até bom para um primeiro, porém tem muita stiffness e uneasing, tente fazer os básicos, comece por lendo o tutorial do bahamut, e tente fazer animações mais longas com mais efeitos e cores
    Por enquanto, low begginer

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    Re: this is my shit

    Yes it is your shit.
    It's easing is terrible and it is choppy and stiff aswell. I am taking into account that is your first animation and yes, you would be shit.
    OK easing is making your stick go slow, then faster, faster, faster, same speed, slower, slower, slower, stop.
    Here's how.
    |=Frame -+Amount of movement.

    Stiffness occurs when you don't move every joint in every frame. A joint is the miny red dots on your stickfigure. Move EVERY one of these in EVERY frame. Then you will be unstiff, it takes ages to perfect but hey, it works.

    Choppyness is when your animation is jolty and bad looking. The opposite of choppyness is smoothness, which occurs when your animation flows well and follows the onion skin. (The grey that occurs when you move your stick.)

    All in all you are DEFINITELY a low beginner. Sorry for being so harsh but it's the truth.

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