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    Gah, finally a post.

    Well, I've had this account, but haven't posted an animations.

    Well, here they are. I don't know my rank, so it would be appreciated. I'm guessing I'm low/med beginner?

    A joint with Turtle1057 (NOT FINISHED!!!): http://filebox.me/view/j8v2h00rp

    TriPod Animation 1: http://www.filebox.me/view/kg0ekmqht

    A Rusty TriPod Animation: http://www.filebox.me/view/8bb19qnei

    A TriPod Loop: http://www.filebox.me/view/9yc7kxk42

    A Different Turtle1057 Joint: http://filebox.me/view/j1g6fyr5p

    More Rust... Gah: http://filebox.me/view/7ypr8pwb1

    Widescreen: http://filebox.me/view/s3h9s0pnh

    Portal: http://filebox.me/view/9zh6imkbh

    Shoop Da Awesome Collab Entry (I EDITED IT WITH FLASH!!): http://filebox.me/view/t6vgbsyta

    Please rank!

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    Re: Gah, finally a post.

    I think you are med-begginer, almost no stiffness, but work on easing and reactions, beacuse the punch reaction was bad.

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