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    The Ultimate Fight

    Meh, just a new animation I've been working on since yesterday, I'm continuously quitting pivot and coming back and quitting and coming back etc.

    Anyway, when I'm animating, I strive for the intermediate, though I know I need a much longer animation that this to be rated intermediate, but... still...

    With sound effects and music:



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    Re: The Ultimate Fight

    That was cool, but you need to work on shakiness and power. Some of those hits seemed like they wouldn't do anything. Still, it's pretty awesome that you animated three sticks at once; kudos for you, because I can't do that.

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    Re: The Ultimate Fight

    That was pretty awesome, i liked it alot, if you keep on practicing on the basiscs youll be inter before you guess. Thos theres stil some shakyness and stiffness there. But it somewhat looked realistic

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    Re: The Ultimate Fight

    That looked pretty nice. It looked kinda realistic. Just like a gang fight, there's no real kung-fu-y moves there, just kicking, punching, and throwing. I liked that. There's a bit of shakiness though. And in some places, the easing could be a bit better. Some hits didn't do enough power for a certain reaction, such as when he kicked him, and he flew all the way to the other side of the screen. Oh yeah, when his leg fell, it should've bended and straightened along the way, too, instead of just being straight and stiff going down. Just work on a little more of the basics and you'll be inter in no time.

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