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Thread: My Thread...

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    Fresh Newbie
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    Jul 2009

    My Thread...

    Lets just say I'm so rusty that I didn't remember my username or password and just remade my account.. like a year of rust, anyways getting back into pivot.

    [center:wl4uytwx]Another punch...short...test...thing... I promise ill start thinking of a animation with a storyline haha, just trying to break the rust and jump back into pivot.

    GIF PIV[/center:wl4uytwx]

    Here's a short fight i made... If you want to call it that, more of a punch test.[/center:wl4uytwx]

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    Old Newbie Niiick's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    The place in my brain that tries to think of funny things to put in the 'Location' bar.

    Re: Pivot Fight, huge rust

    Really smooth, could do with a bit more easing, but the movement is great.

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    Enthusiast Snuggles's Avatar

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    Mar 2009
    Blue Mountains, Australia

    Re: Pivot Fight, huge rust

    Everything was a bit to fast and seemed a bit shaky.
    So ease.
    When the guy was hit onto the ground was he doing the worm or something?
    Plus that was a bit to much tremor and when you move the ground when tremoring you have to move the stickmen down/up too.
    Just work on the basics.


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