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    um some new anis and old ones

    ok i know there is stiffnes so you dont have to tell to work on it
    and also no flaming i hate flame and can u rank me i think im like med here right
    ok it needs to be edited like the part where he kicks the guy his hand is stiff

    first full body test eva

    my naruto vid trib to larss and blademaster i know the run in the end sucks
    and its pretty old anyway

    dbz pivot i know his hands in the begening where vegeta gets punced his hands are kinda stiff and choppy

    just a movementest made a while ago

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    Re: um some new anis and old ones

    Hello there, I am Opti.
    Few things to address, can you size down your images by HALF, because they are huge.

    Second-of-all. Nice animations, very, very good for a beginner.
    I like the first one, it had very good movements, nice background and good job animating it. I loved it. The kick was a bit too quick, and the punches went too fast, but nothing a little editing cannot fix, right?

    The second animation I did not really like that much, not my style I guess. I am more used to just Sticks, and I like the cartoon style, not the fighting of anime style. ANy who, enjoy your stay here at DD and comment back

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    Re: um some new anis and old ones

    Welcome to Darkdemon,

    Anyway, I liked your animations, all I didn't like was how fast-paced they are, I had to watch it three times before I even knew what happened! I suggest taking more time to make it smooth, rather than intensely fast. Work on reactions, the guy falling in the first animation (when he jumped out of the window) was a little, awkward.

    So, work on realism, and easing/stiffness. You know the drill.



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