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Thread: FIrst topic

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    Fresh Newbie
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    Jul 2009

    FIrst topic

    Hoyl shit i sooo nervous god dammitttt

    Checj it check it emmm her now and im stay wit it[attachment=1:2mwgjc7f]Cool.gif[/attachment:2mwgjc7f][attachment=0:2mwgjc7f]loop.gif[/attachment:2mwgjc7f]

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    Dedicated Member Thunder Clunt's Avatar
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    May 2009
    Not behind you

    Re: FIrst topic

    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    No need to be nervous.... ppl here are (somewhat) nice unless if you give them a reason not to.
    Well, your animations lack in easing. Work on stiffness too (move every joint, every frame). shakyness is also another problem. look at the tutorials section to improve. or listne to the cc here ^.^
    Hi guys, I'm back again, check below for my thread

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    Mar 2009
    Blue Mountains, Australia

    Re: FIrst topic

    You might wanna take down the poll, no rating in freestyle animation.
    Other than that, practice the basics and look up some tutorials on pivot.

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    Veteran Enthusiast Sharpshooter's Avatar

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    Oct 2007
    Queensland, Australia

    Re: FIrst topic

    The effect looked pretty cool. However the stick figure should move around the screen more instead of staying in one place. Also you can't be ranked in freestyle so I will move this thread to Beginnershall 2.

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    Jan 2007
    Scotland Fraserburgh

    Re: FIrst topic

    nice effects but u need to work on stiffness the most, and also look at your foot placement it was off, apart from that, i think they ^^ covered the rest
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