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    My Thread ~Pivot~

    a fight i made

    my new stk test, NO ITS NOT SASUKE! His name is Okami (which means wolf in japanese, kewl rite?)

    crap,I mixed up the frame delay with the resize!!! and i didnt save the animation, DOH

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    Re: My Thread ~Pivot~

    your good niceanimations and i like the Small one at the bottem on first one was good to When he was faling his arm was a lil werid but it was good You just join and almost as good as me WELCOME to DARKDEMON!
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    Re: My Thread ~Pivot~

    hey cool animations dude. it looks really good. i saw stiffness in some parts. not to many tho. but besides that you animation looked pretty good. it was well eased and you almost have your basic movements down completely. good job keep up the awesome animating. im looking forward to them, maybe we can do a joint or somethin.
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    Re: My Thread ~Pivot~

    That was overall good, saw a little stiffness here and there, but still pretty good. Maybe try some transitions and even some effects, I think you'll be borderline in no time.
    BTW Welcome to Darkdemon, Courtesy? (I Reply on yours and I want you to reply to mine... ^.^)
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