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    my show-off thread

    hi, i'm a beta tester for pivotX (which has gone to RTM) so most of my animations are made in pivotX
    ive actually been using pivot on and off for about 7 months but ive never ben really good at it

    random walking http://aroymart.com/pivot/walking.gif

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    Re: my show-off thread

    First of all you are a low beginner. But here is to improve:
    On your walking animation the back of the stickman didnít move at all, it should have swayed back and forth a little bit. The arms were badly animated also, they were not only stiff but also severely with lack of physics, the arms swayed quickly and then stopped all of a sudden, in real life arms ease and flop back and forth a bit, also for most of the loop the arms didnít even stay still, instead of switching the arms quickly then not moving them you shouldíve switched the arms slower and moved them less.
    Hoped that helped.


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