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Thread: my anims

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    my anims

    these are my first anims, ive had a look at baha's tut and got some help from that, but thats about it

    oh yeah, and i dont know how the heck to do stuff on these threads

    gun threaten
    tell me what needs improving and stuff

    new kick test
    erm dunno
    my thread====>http://darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=64955

    go low beginners, you rock!!

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    Re: my anims

    Those are some good movements there, I am pretty much thinking as a low beginner,anyway some of that contained stiffness and some bad "Movement spacing" added there, try a bit reading some more tutorials at the Pivot tutorials section they have a bunch of fantastic ones, including the masterlist.
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    Re: my anims

    Low begginer. There are no phsysics and it's really choppy.
    try looking at some tutorials in the tutorial section, and leave background and effects tout of your animation until you are able to master the basics. Otherwise, your animatiosn are gonna look crappy.


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