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    Zerodecoole his med beginner addempt

    rank me please

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    Re: Zerodecoole his med beginner addempt

    [s:3qrzzxb2]hmmm your elite. even though there are no animations to rank you.[/s:3qrzzxb2]
    thank you

    slow down the frame rate and use more easing. move every joint in every frame so it doesn't look so stiff. move even the leg joints. low-med beg

    just so you dont look like a noob in the future: beginners hall one and 2 are not 2 different ranks. they are 2 different forum areas for beginners to post so their thread doesn't get lost in the void so fast they don't get tips before their tread gets bumped to the second page.

    seizure time? really? dont try and live in hoppdidys legacy. hes not that great of an animator. and his jokes are imature.

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    Re: Zerodecoole his med beginner addempt

    we... anims??
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    Re: Zerodecoole his med beginner addempt

    hi! its me! (devilTV100 from youtube)
    its ok, but if you want to make a better seizure effect you just go from black to white with no grey in the middle.
    movements ok, try to work on easeing.
    try to put up some things like walking, running, or movement tests as well.
    welcome to dark demon, hope you like it as much as youtube!

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