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    ******Beginner Test / Animation:D*******

    Here are the test animation of me a few of them are already older ._. But I hope you have fun in the 5sekunden xD
    Please answer in complete sentences and not just "go hmm yes"

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    Re: ******Beginner Test / Animation:D*******

    low begin. practise first then start to make back grounds
    wach bahas and fenixs u haw potenttial
    keep it up!
    I use my music as a weapon!!

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    Re: ******Beginner Test / Animation:D*******

    You should link all the animations but your newest so we can see where you've started and your improvements. Most of your problems are typical beginner problems; stiffness and easing. Those are worked out with practice, so all I can say is best of luck, and don't let ranks get ya down.

    It took two years for me to get inters, and even then, I don't think I am deserving. So just keep trying, don't quit, and you shall go far.


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