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Thread: am i ok

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    Jun 2009

    am i ok

    am i ok

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    In Your Ass

    Re: am i ok

    work on easing nice effects even you didnt use them well
    low beginner dont let rank pull you down keep it up
    I use my music as a weapon!!

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    Re: am i ok

    hey Davo (^)
    this guy posted this anim on begginers hall 1 too haha
    [center:3i8o92ef]Old thread[/center:3i8o92ef]

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    Re: am i ok

    Dude that animaton looked like a slide show not a smooth animation it looked like picutures of a dead rat or somthing, im not trying to be mean but that was horriable use Easing Try Baha's tutorial then cronos big ass tutorial and then learn trailing for the Lighty sword thingy dude that is horriable put your effert in to it next time dont rush dude.Welcome to DarkDemon
    Lifes like a Ocean ull never know whats going to be Put opon the shore "and if u say Ocean fast u said a bad word lol"


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