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    UltimatePivot's Thread (new animation)

    Well, this is my thread, and for now i upload miy newest animation: this is my first animation at 20 FPS.

    Write what you think about this animation and then rank my

    My own language isn't english, so, sorry if I have mistakes in my posts

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    Re: UltimatePivot's Thread (new animation)

    Okay, it's a long animation that is good for a first. I like it. however, it was VERY stiff and it didn't really flow well. Work one that and you'll be high beg. in no time.

    Also, when the green guy is running, there's lots of effects. Kinda' too many for my taste, but that's just me.

    Courtesy? (Go to my animation thread that's in my signature below, and you comment on it and give Constructive criticism.)


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