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Thread: Flash's Thread

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    Flash's Thread


    ill add more later

    contructive critisisim please

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    Re: Flash's Thread

    its okay
    the thing i didnt like was when he landed on his hands
    be4 he did do that
    it basicly got really stiff D:
    umm maybeh u should un stiff it
    oh and i didnt see it eased much either D:
    maybeh u should go look at bahas tut
    no hard feelings
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    Re: Flash's Thread

    For one, your sig is too big. you'll get warned if you dont make them smaller.
    Now for the ani.

    It was very, very stiff. you have to try to move every joint in every frame. It was also very fast. try lowering the framerate or making smaller movements. plus it needs easing and you need to read baha's tut. here's the link:http://www.darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=22662

    Read it, breath it, live it.

    Courtesy? clicky the siggy.


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