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Thread: My Animation

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    My Animation

    EDIT: I have changed the Running animation to a better one and took the walking animation away (cuz it was crap ;l) And Sorry If i have posted it the wrong Way.

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    Re: My Animation

    It doesn't work...

    All right, first go to a BETTER hosting site. Preferably Pivotup or Yourimg. Once you upload your animation, copy and paste the given URL. DO NOT TRY TO MAKE YOUR OWN URL. That should make the animation easier to see.

    If you want your thread to be even more organized, you can do this:

    BBCoding. BBCoding is when you can click on a word or picture and you'll be sent to a link. You can also do many others like Bold, italic, and underline. In order to make your word like this: Click HERE FOR THE ANIMATION, you need to do this.

    PUT TEXT HERE You can go to Bolt's BBCode tutorial for a thorough explanation.
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