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Thread: First animation

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    First animation

    This is the first one I've done, it's short though. Tell me what you think.

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    Re: First animation

    wow that good for ur first but try to work on stiffness, stiffness can be fxed if u move everyjoint in every frame, even if its the tinyest movement it will look much better. also easing, just make ur stks limbs speed up top speed the slow down when they r going to stop, like a car. and foot placement. just make a stk thats 0 thickness and thats static, u can make it static by clicking th line with the x on the end. and put it where u foot joint is dont move it until that foot moves.
    i say high-low beginer.
    also my name in real life is kayne lmao!

    Credits to me for the poem,
    and heather for making the signature.


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