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    2500 Frame Joint

    Hey guys, i'm working on a joint animation with 2 of my friends but i need a bit more people to help, all you need is an xfire account, pivot3 and a skill above or equal to mine!<coughcoughmediumbegginercoughcough>

    EDIT: Oh, and I don't want people just saying that they're really good, because yes, I understand that you have high confidence in your animations, but I would like for you to attach a .gif of your animation and I'll get back to you! Thanks!

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    Re: 2500 Frame Joint

    This section is for animations, not discussing a joint.

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    Re: 2500 Frame Joint

    Quote Originally Posted by MrSnuggles
    This section is for animations, not discussing a joint.
    That's it. Also, you can't make a seperate thread to organise a joint.

    So, locked.
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