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    PivotRoadX Thread Rank :]

    Low Beg: Achieved
    Med Beg: Achieved
    High Beg:Achieved
    Inters: Practice makes Perfect
    Vets: Practice Makes perfect
    Elites: Practice makes perfect

    High Beg Animations

    WtfTeam Collab Preview Below 50 Frames:

    Credz To Xehanort For Inspiration and Droidz.

    Valtus tributeh:


    DarkBert Ownz Car:

    ^Credz to droidz^

    Run Loopie:

    ^Credz to Razo and Mac^

    Yasuko(Blue Guy) Vs Shuya(My Siggy)

    ^Credit To Mac and Razo^
    *I made Yasuko *

    Smoothness Test:

    ^Credit To Mac^

    Front Flip Test:

    ^Credit To Money Mac and BIG CREDZ TO RAZO(MY EPIC MENTOR)^

    Ninja Run Test:

    ^Credit To Money Mac and BIG CREDZ TO RAZO(MY EPIC MENTOR)^

    Combo Test:

    ^Credit To Money Mac and BIG CREDZ TO RAZO(MY EPIC MENTOR)^

    Razo Tribute Preview

    *Credz to PivotSH*

    Goku Vs Vegeta Preview:

    *Note*Credz To Axial For The Sticks

    Med beg animations



    *Note* Credz to axial for Vegeta

    High Kick:


    Rust Breaker:

    *Note* Credz to Aqua For editing it a little.

    Im Back!
    http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww21 ... IMBACK.gif

    *Note*i tried to make this animation look funny, ignore the stiffnes
    s i tried to make a new style, anyways i had fun making animation.

    Goku Vs Broly FAIL
    http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww21 ... LYFAIL.gif

    *Note* The reason i failed most animations are cause i didnt have fun with them which resulted me in quiting.

    Heavy Spacing Test:
    http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww21 ... edTest.gif

    *Note* Credits to Chuckup for making the tutorial.

    Running Test:
    http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww21 ... tRoadX.gif

    *Note* My Mentor An Alien i thank him for telling me about stiffness and easing i totally sucked back then. XD


    [s:mis4t0af]Ladiezman221[/s:mis4t0af] Ladiezman- A good friend, and a little weird, and i like that.
    [s:mis4t0af]Dudeness176[/s:mis4t0af] Desacure- Random, Funny, Talks to me alot, gives me tips.
    [s:mis4t0af]PivotGunner[/s:mis4t0af] Aqua- Another guy i talk to alot, give really good tips, really good friend.
    [s:mis4t0af]WtfteamALJM[/s:mis4t0af] [s:mis4t0af]Rosenthal[/s:mis4t0af] [s:mis4t0af]Axis[/s:mis4t0af] [s:mis4t0af]Axial[/s:mis4t0af] Roji- Wow, seriously an Epic animator, he is the best dbz animator out there cant wait to see aeons
    PivotPro333- The guy who made me start pivot, im serious, first dbz pivot fight i seen was his DBZ pivot fight.
    [s:mis4t0af]Valtus[/s:mis4t0af] Valtush- Man i think he is a Zero addict, who cares cause Zero is Awesome!
    [s:mis4t0af]Devilsass666[/s:mis4t0af] Dass- HOLY BURRITO! :lol:
    [s:mis4t0af]Linksinipivotic[/s:mis4t0af] [s:mis4t0af]Cressel[/s:mis4t0af] Links- the best animator on WTFTEAM!
    Whiteshadow- LOL Dude you remind me of Valtus.
    [s:mis4t0af]Ktkktk2[/s:mis4t0af] Kell-Nice guy i like his animations.
    Elpollano- he is hilarious! man and he has the most epic sticks.
    [s:mis4t0af]An Alien[/s:mis4t0af] XLR8-My old Mentor that got me med med.
    Razo- My mentor that is [s:mis4t0af]getting[/s:mis4t0af] got me to high beg.
    Ward- great friend helped me get to my goal
    $ Mac $- Thanks for all the support Bro!

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    Re: PivotRoadX Thread Rank :]

    Whoa! Thats an awesome animation!

    I say you are high high beginner, or med high beginner at least! You really rock man! I cannot believe this! That was your best man, YOUR BEST! I love it!

    Actually, I might think your intermediates! But thats my opinion. Lets see what others say.


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    Re: PivotRoadX Thread Rank :]

    High Beg- The reason is that its kinda stiff. For example the backflip. When he was in the air he was in the same position the whole flip. The 1st running his back looked like it just got broke. Otherwise very good animator. Practice on those two and you will be great!!!


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