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    some where watching and waiting.

    if your going to rank at least comment


    http://a.imagehost.org/download/0873/gr ... ky_preview hpc2 preview

    its done just that i cant show it untiil the collabs out which is on october the 10th


    http://h.imagehost.org/0149/zec.gif unfinished

    http://a.imagehost.org/download/0646/hippiepivot_collab dont plan on finishing
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    Re: if your going to rank at least comment

    id say about high beginner i didnt bother to download them my memory is beginning to run out so ive just went on the only one that was for download.
    Hope you found my comment interesting lol
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    Re: if your going to rank at least comment

    Post the f'kin GIF. No pivs please.
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