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    Senior Member Xterminator's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
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    Whatup people? Just a little notice, I'll be working on my thread sometime next week. I'm striding for a new format.

    Rules for courtesy return
    1. You must have a link or some from of lead to your thread in your signature or post
    2. Short crappy comments such as "This sucks" or "AWESOME" will not be returned
    3. The post must be usefull and thorough.

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    **** Good
    ***** Best

    NEWEST ****
    Animation for the Pivot Points thread. Turned out ok.
    Another Pivot Points animation. New style. Like? *****

    Beam collab****
    Handgun Test*****
    Running noob***
    Guitar god****
    Pivot War with PivotK9****
    Running ninja***
    Transformation collab**
    Lightning (fail)****
    God collab*
    Hi! =)

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    Enthusiast Kanine's Avatar

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    Jul 2009
    South Carolina

    Re: PivotXE's Thread

    Awesome effects you have there. Keep em' up. You just need to learn the basics seeing as you lack a good bit of them. If you ease your animations at all, start out with a smaller frame, then try spacing more. Also it was VERY stiff. So remember to move every joint in every frame. Overall pretty good. Low-med beg
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    Dedicated Member Hunted's Avatar

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    Feb 2009

    Re: PivotXE's Thread

    ok, ur sticks are very stiff. try to move every joint in every frame. also, maybe add some trails and blurs (effects) and maybe ease a little more. Low - Mid Beginner
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    Junior Member
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    Mar 2009

    Re: PivotXE's Thread

    just work on the basics..
    try moving every joint in every frame to make it look less stiff, and try making all his motions start out small and accelerate...
    low beginer..


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    Regular Member SilverSpoon's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    Re: PivotXE's Thread

    physics test is still off a fair bit lol, just ease and space more, all you really have to do is practise really, tuts and all that, youve been told before curts returned
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    Sex is offline
    Enthusiast Sex's Avatar
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    May 2009

    Re: PivotXE's Thread

    Firstly, your animations are stiff, you have to move every joint you moved in the previous frame, or just move all the joints. chapice? such as on gunshot test, there was stiffness, there wasnt enough recoil too, however the shell was animated well. so just work onyour stiffness, then easing, then physics, then realism.
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    Mar 2009
    Lighting fires. Used to be Exhaust :)

    Re: PivotXE's Thread

    All I really see is Uber stiffness... like the beam test... your body doesnt move like that unless you were more less thinking about that cool ass beam that came out

    In the Hand gun test foot placement was very offf.. But nice to see your following tutorials and You know how to shoot a gun effectively
    It was also very stiff... sorry to say but it was good nonethe less

    The Physics test was ok but It needs work physics is Like easing but up in the air understand?
    Like when I throw a Ball up its going to go up like this
    Then it will fall almost the same pattern


    Keep up the good work... and I like the Wings on the Stk in the Physics test look real cool.. you should make a filler for them so it could have some color then it will own
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    Regular Member
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    Sep 2009

    Re: PivotXE's Thread

    hmm let see...
    noob running:
    not that good run,you should set same stick position at the begin and the end
    beam collab entry:
    not bad,i like your simple effect but not eased when he fall
    gun test:
    i see that you make it following brad/animal tutorial

    overall not bad but you lack with movements need to ease more,and animations are pretty stiff,i sayd low med beg almost med beg.
    courtesy returned


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    Enthusiast shell's Avatar

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    Oct 2009

    Re: PivotXE's Thread

    good ideas, just work on easing and foot placement. love the god collab.
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    Junior Member
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    Sep 2009

    Re: PivotXE's Thread

    Some of them are pretty good but some are also really stiff I suggest getting better sticks and watching some tutorials,such as the lightning stick,that stick is old ,and the blood when it disappears dont move it down ,just follow through with the effect right now around med-high beginner

    if you ever need better sticks tell me I have allot

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