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    Sticklogic just get pivot and just tried

    Hello peoples , I was new in pivot cuz I have downloaded it a few days ago. here is some of my sample anims

    I called this one Dagger man revenge

    This one is red v black

    My first pivot animation with background , cliff fight

    Gonna get some more pivot anims soon ! C&C please and advices

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    Re: Sticklogic just get pivot and just tried

    ok first off Welcome to Darkdemon.org, and welcome to pivot.

    To your animations, they are actually not that bad compared to others first starting animations and I love the fact that your a beginner using backgrounds... that is good... Anyway... this is what your animations need work on

    Easing- Making things realisticly moving.,ex:l-l--l---l----l---l--l-l you understand you must start of moving slow then move faster until you stop slowly.

    Stiffness- You should move every joint in every frame... Dont leave joints not moving during your animation as they will only look like shit.. lol
    also dont use the default stk.... try going to droidz.org and downloading a stk... or you can make your own stk...

    Choppyness- when you move the stickman too fast fast his onion skin which is the grey thing behind the stk that show his last movement

    Footplacement-try to make it were your feet doesnt slide... Keep them in one area depending on wats happening In the Animation

    keep up the good work...
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    Re: Sticklogic just get pivot and just tried

    I understood the animations, which is a good sign. yah, just check out baha's mega tutorial and practice insanely. my only advice is that to become a good animator, there's no getting around practicing lots. keep it up.
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    Re: Sticklogic just get pivot and just tried

    No picture, no clickture.

    That's how most of the people work.

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    Re: Sticklogic just get pivot and just tried

    Save your animations as gifs then upload those to pivotup as you did with the pivs. Then copy the url and click "img". Then post the url inbetween the two "Img"s.


    Actually those are awesome for someone who just started, way better than when I first did. But you lack a lot of the basics, so check out baha's tutorial. It helps a lot. Other than that there's not much to say.

    Click Here for Baha's Tut if you haven't looked at it yet.
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