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    Fresh Newbie
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    Oct 2009

    king_saf's thread

    Hey all,
    Here's my first animation:

    and my second animation:

    Few Questions:
    How do u make the actual image show up next to the link?
    How am I ranked exacly? (are your comments how I'm ranked or shud i make a poll or something?)
    By courtesy, do you mean "i ranked u, so please rank me"?


    Edit: Ok, so how do i do that tho? When I try to save as .gif, it turns out really slow... is there a way to adjust that?

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    Enthusiast Gabranth's Avatar
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    Feb 2009

    Re: king_saf's thread

    First off, many people here [Including myself] go by the no pic, no click rule. This means that if there's not a picture or gif of an animation or stick, they wont click on it. Second, courtesy means when someone leaves you a comment giving to CC, you give on back. Just don't give courtesy if someone says something like "These animations suck. Courtesy?"
    Credits to Dr.Shift [or whoever the fuck he is now] for the sig.
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    The Thread.


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