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    Minotour's New Thread (RUST.)

    Alright. Today I decided to make a small animation. I have so much rust from stopping pivot for like, what, three years? So this is my first animation in three years.


    Will update with more.

    I noticed the framerate went down a small bit.
    Thank you all for your sticks and PIVs

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    Re: Minotour's New Thread (RUST.)

    That wasn't that good.
    To be honest, it was crap.

    You need to work on all the basics, I'll create a mini tutorial for you.
    Easing doesn't necassarily apply to EVERYTHING. But it does make your animation look smooth, as a beginner. You should use easing all of the time. A prime example of someone who doesn't ease ALL of the time (but his animation are still awesome) is Crono. A veteran here on DD.
    To ease.
    |=Next Frame -=Movement in between.
    Get it? The object starts slow, then ends fast.

    Choppiness occurs when you don't ease, the opposite of choppiness is smoothness. Which is good, unless you're Crono.
    A prime example of a BAD choppy animation is dat there. It looks really bad and shiz. Check out some Elite animations, their animations are all smooth and awshum

    Stiffness occurs when you don't move evry joint in every frame. Sure it takes a while, but if you move every joint in every frame then your animations will look immensly awesome. However, stiffness doesn't apply to EVERYTHING. Like, when running, the back doesn't need to move heaps.

    Well, I guess those are the three things you need to work on most. Watch the effects as well, the blood looked like feathers.
    All in all, low beginner. I realise you haven't animated in three years and that's OK. Well, just utilize that advice and you'll have intermediate in no time.


    By the way, sorry if I seemed to harsh. Don't let that get you down.
    You want to know the difference.. between a weak burger, and a burger that has STRENGTH?


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