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Thread: animations

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    Re: animations

    Wow , that actuly realy good , but i didnt like how big his head is in the end befor it go's away.
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    Re: animations

    Use http://www.pivotup.com for hosting your animations. Don't link to a section of your hard drive, that won't work.
    Work on fluidity, movements between your major ones. You're moving the sticks very quickly to where you want them to be, that's a major no-no. What you're meant to do is make every frame between the position you're in, and where you want to go.
    Say you want a stick to bend over:
    Have a starting position.
    Bend the back slightly, bend legs slightly.
    repeat for about 3 frames.
    End position: Bent over stick.

    This will become perfected when you learn to ease, but make sure you remember to put in all the frames of a movement.
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    Re: animations

    I dont know if its just me, but the "guy getting beat up" 's head seems to thrash around too much. Then, there is like super friction bring him to an abrupt halt.
    BUT... the animation is very good (unlike the noob crap where stuff just looks like noob crap)
    I say borderline between low and med beginner.
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    Re: animations

    Hmmm I'd say those were pretty good. Very smooth, but a little stiff. Try easing a little better then you'll be for sure intermediate. Nice anims.

    - IsmokeWhiteLines


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